Your Chiang mai on Three Wheels tour benefits the samlor driver

The income of samlor drivers is very irregular. Most are based near markets such as the Chiang Mai Gate Market, Tonlamyai/Warorot Market and some have their regular customers who often use their service to bring them from the market home. Unless organised by a tour company tourists very seldom use the services of samlors because most of the samlor drivers don’t speak English

Your tour supports the preservation of samlors in Chiang Mai

Samlors have been part of Chiang Mai street life for decades. At one time there where more than a thousand samlors in Chiang Mai, according to elderly people. Chiang Mai people used samlors on a daily basis, samlors brought children to school. One of the aims of Chiang Mai on Three Wheels is to increase the amount of samlors in Chiang Mai. In order to achieve that younger people will have to take over and they will only do that if they can make a decent living as a samlor driver. The profession of samlor driver is held in low esteem and we will have to change that.

Samlors are environmentally friendly

Samlors don’t produce exhaust fumes. Most of the samlor drivers are old but very healthy. Their lives are quite stress free and they are generally happy people. They work outside and are their own boss.

Touring by samlor is a lot of fun!

Touring by samlor is very relaxing. You see much more than you normally would see if you travel in a vehicle. The pace is slow and there is no noise of engines. You smell the street life unlike in an air-conditioned vehicle. It is almost a meditative experience. We will take you to backstreets where tourist seldom venture. It is an unique way of experiencing Chiang Mai.

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