Chiang Mai Silver tour

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Our Chiang Mai Silver tour takes you to through the backroads of Chiang Mai, past the old outer City Wall to the Wualai area, where 200 years ago silversmiths and laquerware artisans settled. We will visit the Nantharam, Muensan and Srisuphan Temples before we enter the old City of Chiang Mai. We will visit a garden with Terra Cotta statues and the Chiang Mai Gate market before we finish the tour as Thapae Gate. The morning tour starts at Thapae Gate at 0830 and ends there at 1230. The afternoon tour starts at Thapae Gate at 1300 and ends there at 1700.

Please note: this tour is not available on Saturday afternoon due to the weekly Wualai walking street.

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Wat Srisuphan monk Chiang Mai

Wat Srisuphan monk

Chiang Mai Silver Tour

Kamphaeng Din

Your samlor driver will be waiting for you at the Wat Loi Kroh, where your Chiang Mai Silver Tour by samlor will start.  We continue on Kamphaeng Din road. Kamphaeng Din means “earthen wall”. Chiang Mai used to have an outer city wall on the east and south of the city. Kamphaeng Din road follows this outer city wall and moat.

Wat Nantharam and Lacquerware workshop

We arrive at the Pradtoo Korm Market. This market comes alive in the afternoon but is also worth a visit in the morning. Let’s take a stroll through the market before we get in our samlors to continue to Wat Nantharam, the centre of lacquerware. Here we spend some time and learn about lacquerware. We will visit two small home factories where they still produce lacquerware in the old way.

The Silver Temples

Continue to Wat Muen San, which has a fascinating history and some stunning silver decorations. Wualai is the traditional silver area of Chiang Mai. We will also visit a workshop where silver jewellery and ornaments are being handmade. Let’s continue to the opulent Wat Sri Suphan with its silver wihan. Then it’s back to the Old City.

Samlors on the way Chiang Mai

Samlors on the way

Chiang Mai Gate Market

We cross the moat at the Suan Prung Gate into the Old City and head for the Chiang Mai Gate Market, which is one of Chiang Mai’s most popular markets. We taste some of the local delicacies before we head for the last stop: the quiet Burmese temple Wat Sai Moon. Here we meet up with one of the Burmese monks for a chat before we finally head for our end destination, which is Thapae Gate. It is the end of your samlor tour.