Chiang Mai Food Tour by Samlor

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Our Chiang Mai Food Tour by Samlor is a tasty and historical trip. We will not only let you taste ten different snacks and dishes but we will also tell the story behind this food. There is a story behind everything you taste. Some of the food originated in countries such as Vietnam, China, India and Burma and made its way somehow to Chiang Mai. You will also meet some of the people who produce or sell this food. It’s an interactive tour. The means of transportation is the traditional bicycle taxi aka the “samlor”. By using the samlor we support the mostly elderly drivers and hopefully preserve this tradition for the future.



Khanom Peng at the Kad Luang Market

Khanom Peng, San Pakoy Market

Chiang Mai Food Tour by Samlor

Meet your guide and samlor drivers at 0830 at Wat Loi Kroh for your Chiang Mai Food Tour by samlor. Without much further ado, we start our tour. It will be a mouthwatering trip. This morning we will focus on traditional food and drink. Nothing else is on our mind than eating and drinking. Our traditional bicycle taxis will bring us to markets, food stalls and restaurants that offer a bewildering variety of snacks and drinks. We have selected several snacks and drinks for you to taste but also made sure that you will not feel stuffed after the tour.  Walks are included on the markets and at other places to make it an active trip as well. You will not only be sitting in your samlor!

Four samlors at Wat Loi Kroh

Samlors at Wat Loi Kroh

A bewildering variety of food and drink

We are in Chiang Mai but some of what you will taste this morning have its origins in India, China, Vietnam and Burma. In that respect, this tour is also a bit of a history lesson. Over the centuries migrants brought their favourite specialities to Chiang Mai. More than anything else, the local food scene shows Chiang Mai’s diversity.
There is a story behind each snack or drink. Of course, typical Chiang Mai snacks are also on the menu. At each stop, we take our time. At some places, you will see delicious snacks being prepared in front of you. There is plenty of time for interaction with the sellers and for pictures. Before we finish the tour at Thapae Gate, you will enjoy a glass of Burmese medicinal tea from a shop that opened its doors more than 100 years ago. We will drop you off at Thapae Gate at around 1230.

Please note that we don’t run these tours on Sunday. If the tour takes place on Friday, we will also stop at the Ban Ho market, which is on Friday morning opposite the Ban Ho Mosque. Of course, we can accommodate vegetarians on this trip. Please inform us before the trip.