Chiang Mai tours by samlor

Chiang Mai on Three Wheels is a social enterprise in cooperation with Rotary Chiang Mai. We support the drivers of samlors in Chiang Mai and aim to preserve the samlor as a cultural heritage of Chiang Mai. The samlor is a bicycle taxi. In Thai language “samlor” literally means “three wheels”. In the old days, before the age of the automobile, there were hundreds of samlors in Chiang Mai. Now there are less than 70.
Chiang Mai on Three wheels offers a number of tours by samlor. By joining our tours you will directly support the samlor drivers and will contribute to the preservation of the samlor as a means of transportation.

What our guests are saying

What we loved about the samlors is the pace, let me explain: you can make eye contact with people on the side of the road and share smiles, you can smell the mouth watering scent of barbecue moo ping grilling on the street. You can actually SEE things and feel them. Thanks a million to let us try it out, and well I had high expectations that where dutifully blown away. Needless to say kids loved it too.
Gonzalo Gil Lavedra, May 2017

The samlors are a charming sight as they silently glide along the sois of Chiang Mai. …This is a delightful way to sightsee…The itinerary is cleverly put together
Roy Cavanagh –

We could not have been more pleased with the day’s events – we are so very grateful for our lovely guide – and the experience of being transported around town by samlor. It was truly lovely and our drivers were the subject of dozens of photos.
Joan Ramo, November 2016

Our tours

We have designed a number of Chiang Mai tours that cover different areas of the city. They are private. An English-speaking guide will accompany you. The samlor drivers speak very little English. We travel as much as possible over quiet back roads and alleys. Each samlor will take one person. Please wear comfortable clothing as you will have get in and out the samlor many times. For women short skirts are not advisable.
The tour price is made up of the following components: samlor driver fee, guide fee and fee for the guide samlor, 50THB donation to the samlor fund, snacks and drinking water, entrance fees, a small admin fee and commission for travel agents. Any profit will be re-invested in the project.

The Drivers

Most of the samlor drivers have been plying their trade for decades. They are now based at local markets and occasionally ride with tourists. They are very strong and healthy people. They enjoy going considerable distance.
Rotary Chiang Mai started supporting the samlor drivers a couple of years ago and created a fund. The fund is used to pay for uniforms, medical emergencies and other expenses for the drivers who are now united in an association that has regular meetings. In general they are happy, strong and healthy but their income is very irregular. By going on one of our tours you will get to know them and you will directly contribute to their livelihood.